GMIS Acquires MSC

GMIS Completes Acquisition of Manufacturing Sciences Corporation

Las Vegas, NV – June 30, 2014 – Global Medical Isotope Systems, LLC (GMIS) today announced it has completed it’s purchase of EnergySolutions, Inc.’s Manufacturing Sciences Corporation (MSC) in Oak Ridge, TN.

The purchase includes acquisition of all MSC’s interests and facilities. These facilities will be producing for GMIS all the depleted uranium (DU) sheets and components which are an essential component of the manufacturing process for many medical isotopes. MSC, as a specialty metal processing and manufacturing company will also provide key assembly capabilities for many GMIS products. “We are very pleased to have this purchase completed and excited to truly start integrating the Oak Ridge team into the GMIS family.” said Zane Wilson, CEO of GMIS.

Global Medical Isotope Systems, LLC (GMIS) provides patent-pending systems for the production of medical isotopes for the nuclear medicine imaging industry. By introducing our safe, decentralized, on-demand production system we answer the critical supply needs of the industry while complying with nonproliferation objectives of the United States.

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