MSC Completes Upgrade

MSC completes $1.2 Million Upgrade of Rolling Mill

Manufacturing Sciences Corporation (MSC), a wholly owned subsidiary of BNFL Inc. located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, announces the completion of a $1.2 million upgrade to their four-high, reversing rolling mill. The rolling mill upgrade integrates new, state-of-the-art electronic (computerized) controls along with a renewal of the mill’s mechanical components. Quad Engineering, Inc., based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was the general contractor for the project. The project was completed in four weeks thanks to the combined efforts of the contractor and MSC employees.

Dave Brown, General Manager, stated, “We have made this large capital investment to ensure that we continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of high quality and on-time delivery of rolled products, now and in the years ahead.” The rolling mill was last upgraded in 1985 when it was purchased by MSC. Over the years, the mechanical components have worn, and replacements for some of the original electrical components have become unavailable. The mechanical and electrical upgrade significantly increases the reliability of the mill and ensures that we can maintain the dimensional tolerances that our customers require. The new electronic controls incorporate automated data collection, which improves the accuracy of our rolling schedules and allows greater repeatability of the rolling process by reducing human error in the rolling mill operations. The electronics upgrade has enhanced the range of available rolling speeds, allowing MSC to process a greater variety of materials and improving the flatness of the product.

MSC employs 39 people at its manufacturing plant located at 804 South Illinois Avenue. MSC was founded in 1982 to produce depleted uranium sheet and plate for defense and research applications. British Nuclear Fuels Limited acquired MSC in 1998. In 1999, MSC began to market toll rolling and manufacturing services to the non-radioactive specialty metals industry. Although MSC remains the sole commercial facility in the world with the capability to cast, roll, and machine products from depleted uranium, rolling and manufacturing of specialty metals is an important and growing component of their business.

Materials processed by MSC are used in a wide variety of applications including aerospace, nuclear fuel manufacturing and storage, radiopharmaceutical containers, metals manufacturing, materials research, telecommunications, and plastic injection molds and blow molds.

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